The Benefits of Working from Home

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The Benefits of Working from Home

Although working from home was frowned upon by employers several years ago, it has become quite popular these days since it works in favour of both the employer and the employee. Managers who rejected work from home policies were afraid of losing control over the productivity of their subordinates. Research however, suggests otherwise. Employees don’t always slow down when they work from home. It’s the managers who don’t set specific deadlines and measurable goals for their employees. 

People who work from home are given the opportunity to use their time wisely. Whether they spend their working hours watching TV or dropping the kids off to school, the bottom line is that they have to turn their work in on time to meet their goals and targets. Some employers want their employees to work from home because they don’t have to build large offices to accommodate them and this significantly reduces their overhead costs. Moreover, with the availability of online communication systems, managers can get in touch with employees located in any part of the world using conference calls and video chats.  

Not all jobs can be done from home however. The most popular professions that allow for this arrangement stem from the IT sector. Programmers and developers who need to work on their computers for long hours benefit from work from home arrangements.

How Do Employees Benefit by Working from Home?

Employees, who choose to work from home nearly all days of the week, spend less time and money on travel. They can focus their attention on their work without being distracted by co-workers and unnecessary phone calls. They also have the opportunity to pursue more than one job if they have time to spare. 
Apart from all these benefits, one of the best advantages is that it gives employees the chance to have a great work/life balance. For example they can care for sick children or run errands once they complete the work they’ve been assigned for the day. In some cases, they can also choose their hours of work to suit their lifestyle.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Working from Home?

The answer is yes. If you’re working on a new project that requires you to gather information from multiple people, you’re better off working at the office as it’s easier to communicate and reach unanimous decisions when working together as a team. You could also end up missing team gatherings/workshops if you reside in an entirely different city or country. 

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