Technology – Isn’t Only for the Younger Generations

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Technology – Isn’t Only for the Younger Generations

According to results published by the National Technology Readiness Survey, online platforms are now attracting a diverse range of customers. Online marketplaces account for billions of dollars of spending each year and 22 percent of this spending comes from people in the age group of 55 and above. 

For a long time people believed that millennials accounted for the highest numbers of users on social media platforms but the truth is that baby boomers and Gen X are not far behind. With the presence of user friendly apps and programs, children as young as 5 as well as older people in their 70’s are able to use iPhones and tablets with relative ease.   

Baby boomers and Generation X are not as cash strapped as generations below. They spend large sums at online marketplaces like eBay and they’re also known to shop online for food, transportation and health services. 

Retailers are no longer making the mistake of limiting their marketing strategies to target people falling within a certain age group. Technology is playing such an important role today that our lives are often compromised when we are left to rely on our own capabilities even for a short period of time. 
How Technology Benefits the Elderly

Technology can greatly improve quality of life for the elderly. Seniors can rely on transportation sites like Uber and Sidecar to book a trip to the doctor or grocery store. Those weakened by health conditions can also rely on online grocers to have their shopping lists delivered right to the door step. This helps them to live independently and have some control over their lives. 

Friends and relatives of the elderly also rely on technology to find in-home aged care providers. From finding the right provider to tracking the work done by carers, apps do all the hard work for you. You can also use them to make the in-home caregiving process very transparent in order to protect the elderly from abuse or physical harm. 

Technology made available through apps or wearable devices help the elderly keep their health in check. These devices can be programmed to monitor heart rate, set exercise reminders, and track sleep patterns. 

The elderly can also use technology to work from home part-time. There are several easy jobs like online surveys that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. These surveys identify current trends in the retail market and obtain customer satisfaction ratings. They’re also used to establish sound marketing campaigns to appeal to target consumers.

Seniors can earn cash online by simply filling out questionnaires on their computers or phones. There are several survey providers that offer good compensation for paid surveys. Most providers offer e-vouchers, gift cards or cash for surveys. Some even give you the chance to win a lucky draw of $5000 to $20,000. If you’d like to complete surveys for money, visit, Australia’s trusted survey provider. If you like our business model, make sure you also refer a friend to get bonus points.

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