New To Online Surveys? A Helpful Guide

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New To Online Surveys? A Helpful Guide

We recently went over what online surveys are and why they are important . You might be thinking that now you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about, and are eager for the opportunity to learn more about the brands and services that interest you. 

MyOpinions is Australia’s leading free paid online survey community, where you earn points to redeem for cash. Not all survey sites are the same, but we’ll go over how it works and a few common questions and concerns. 

Start by Signing Up

To start earning money by taking online surveys, the first thing you’ll need to do is create an account. With our company, if you are an Australian resident of over 18 years of age, you can sign up as a member free with a valid email address. 

You’ll have to fill out a short sign-up form with some personal details, such as your name, gender and email, in addition to a few other questions that will help us accurately place you in the right demographic and psychographic group. 

Once this is all complete, you’ll receive an email confirming your sign up and asking you to activate your account. All in all, this process takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Fill Out Your Profile

As we discussed in a recent post about how market research can help your brand [link to blog 6], marketing strategists create a ‘customer profile’ based on market research so that they can better identify exactly who they are trying to communicate with. This ‘customer profile’ is an in-depth outline of a potential customer’s demographics, experiences, lifestyle, etc. Providing the survey company with information similar to this is a great way to be selected for the panels that relate the most to you, and it also helps speed up the research process. 

Await Survey Instructions

Once you’ve set up your account and profile, the survey company can start sending you invites to the email address that you provided. MyOpinions Australia also likes to send you a monthly statement that shows you the points you have accumulated by taking surveys. You also have the option of logging into the site and finding service to take on your own time.

Taking the Surveys

We recommend only taking surveys if you have the time to finish them in one sitting. If you want to own more points, the best thing to do would be to dedicate the proper amount of time to taking the surveys. Generally, the time it takes to complete a survey ranges from 10 to 40 minutes. Occasionally a special survey might run for one or two hours, but you would be rewarded at a higher level for it.

Earn Points and Redeem!

Upon completion of each survey, you’ll be rewarded with points that you can use to redeem for any of our existing reward options. You have to wait until you have reached the minimum points required, but once you do, you can opt for an instant cash out where you will redeem points for gift cards to popular stores, or you can use PayPal to redeem your points for cash.

In addition, each of our participants and entered into the Quarterly Cash Prize Draw, where you can win up to $5,000. You can even get points for referring a friend! 

MyOpinions is Australia’s leading free paid online surveys community where you earn points to redeem for cash. Join today to make money for voicing your opinion!

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