How We Protect Your Privacy When You Take a Survey

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How We Protect Your Privacy When You Take a Survey

Mass surveillance of digital communications has given rise to a lot of debates regarding online privacy. Search engines like Yahoo and Google log your searches and create a profile of you. This helps them generate search results based on your previous searches. They also display ads for products and services that interest you. Social media sites also harness your information which makes it easy for anyone to find you online. To prevent misuse of your information you need to guard your personal details and try to make it very difficult for strangers or spammers to trace you online. 

Online surveys gather a lot of information from people living in various countries. The work is simple and the compensation is worth it so a lot of people sign up. However, most people don’t know who’s accessing the information they provide. Illegitimate companies offer lucrative rewards to lure participants but they end up scamming people, stealing their identities and misusing the data they provide. If you want to make money taking surveys, you must look for trusted sites by doing your research and signing up through referrals. 

MyOpinions is one of Australia’s most popular survey providers. You don’t have to pay to sign-up and you can read their entire privacy policy online before registering. If you voluntarily offer personally identifiable information, you will be giving your consent to transfer that information to the US. Data collected through cash surveys on MyOpinions is disclosed to third parties for several reasons listed in the privacy policy. If at some point you decide to opt out of data collection, you can make changes to your membership account and unsubscribe from survey invitations that reach your mailbox. We take appropriate technical and administrative measures to protect the information you give us. We also implement a re-targeting program for visitors to our site. If you wish, you can opt-out of re-targeting by following the instructions listed on our cookie opt-out process.

Tips for Completing an Online Paid Survey

If you want to participate in paid surveys on a regular basis, use a separate email account for this purpose. Also make sure you enter your demographic information correctly and update it when necessary so that survey providers send you panels that match your profile. Look for the best paying survey sites online by doing some research and lastly free up some time if you’re really interested in making money out of opinion surveys. 

MyOpinions offers participants a chance to enter into their $5000 quarterly draw. Every panel completed earns you one entry into the competition. Members are also given bonus points for referring friends to the site. 

Points can be redeemed for e-vouchers, gift cards and even cash. So come help companies in their search for information. Your honesty and accuracy will be duly rewarded.

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