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Are You in Touch With Your Customer Base?

Do you know your customers well? What problems do they encounter that keeps them up at night? How well are you solving these problems for them?

In order to determine how well you really know your customers, it’s vital to answer the above questions first. But perhaps the most important question to consider revolves around what you are actively doing to get to know them better.

While paid surveys online are just one of the ways you can get to know your customers better, this article will look at several other ways you can dig deeper into the mindset of your ideal customer – before getting to ways to help solve their key challenges.

Develop and Grow Your Network

A network really is like a sales lifeline. It enables you to have direct contact with customers within your target niche. For example, if you’re a technology company targeting the B2B space, you might consider starting a LinkedIn group discussing challenges associated with this audience. Then, when your audience is large enough, online surveys would be a great way to get to know them even better.

But how do you turn your network into customers? You provide value. Instead of blatantly trying to sell to them every chance you get, focus on providing value by addressing their concerns, answering questions and providing insight into difficult topics they are trying to understand. Then, when they are in the market for the product or service you are selling – you will be the first brand they think of.

Communication and Follow Up

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, how charming you are or how unique your business is; customers aren’t going to remember you from just one solitary touch. 

You’d be surprised at how many people who meet someone at an event, or ask a customer to complete an online survey, never make contact after the initial meeting (subsequently wondering why they never turned into a lead). 

The relationships your business creates have a very limited shelf life. For this reason, you need to follow up and soon as possible. Remember to act ‘human’, and not sound like an automated robot; for instance, when you are sending a follow up email or conducting online paid surveys.

Utilise the Power of Email Marketing for Lead Nurturing

When you have created a large database of customers, potential customers and qualified leads after a new promotion or an online survey, what’s next?

Email marketing keeps the conversion going with customers long after they have completed paid surveys online or filled out a form on your website. The best thing is that you can use segmentation to distribute separate messages to each group. For example, your hot leads would require separate communication messages compared to those who have only just touched base with you.

After establishing a direct and valuable relationship with you, not only will your customers gain trust, establish loyalty and keep buying from you, they will also be much more willing to complete online paid surveys, share your content on social media and  recommend your product or service to their friends.

Get Key Information about Your Customers

If you want to find out more about your customers and really start to get to know them even better, getting in touch with MyOpinions Australia will help put you on the right track by providing legitimate data about your customers – by utilising the power of online surveys – to assist you in making informed marketing decisions.

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