6 Tips for Reaching Your Target Demographic

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6 Tips for Reaching Your Target Demographic

As we discussed in a previous article, there are many tools and strategies you can use to reach your target audience. Today, we’ll reiterate some of those strategies while going over a few new tips to help you communicate with your target demographic.

Do Some Market Research to Determine Who Your Demographic Is

The first step is to identify your target audience. This involves creating a customer profile, which is an in-depth analysis of the type of person your customer is like to be (Check out our recent post about how market research can help your brand . This includes their demographic information, such as their age, location, ethnicity, income status, etc., as well as their personality traits, characteristics, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. By coming up with a customer profile, you’ll be able to better plan out a marketing strategy [link to blog –the benefits of market research].

Social Networking is Key

Using social media to market yourself and your brand is not only relevant, it’s pretty much free. Your prior market research should help you identify what social media channels your target demographic uses the most, so you can set up a profile and encourage customers and potential customers to engage with you on these platforms. 

Email Newsletters Have Not Died out Just Yet

This is a slightly more direct way of reaching your demographic, as you have a direct line with their inbox. People might overlook something you posted on Twitter as they skim through the masses of 140 character statements, but if they’ve opted to receive email newsletters from you, it’s a good sign. 

Create Videos 

Not everyone is a “watcher,” but many people do enjoy videos. They are great mediums for storytelling, even if your story is 10 seconds long and is advertising a new product or service. A quality video that pops up either on YouTube as something informative or on Instagram as something like an advertisement, does wonders to boost brand awareness and instil loyalty and trust. 

Produce Content Regularly

Many companies are now extending their reach by regularly producing content in the form of blogs or articles. These pieces will be about something relating to the industry at hand and offer customers peace of mind that the brand they are choosing is reliable and an industry leader. In addition, regular published content is great for SEO purposes. 

Get Featured on Other Sites

Whether it is a printed publication or a popular blog, a good way to reach your target demographic and increase traffic to your own site would be to find a host to feature your brand’s story. This could be anything from a guest blog post to a pitched feature story that is on-trend and includes talk of your brand. As long as the sources are reputable, any exposure is good for your brand. 

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