4 Helpful Tips for Taking Paid Online Surveys

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4 Helpful tips for taking paid surveys

Taking online surveys and getting paid to hang out at home sounds like a dream come true to some people. The idea alone is alluring, but how do you know if you can make it work for you? With these tips, you should be on your way to successfully taking online surveys and making money from the comfort of your home.

Only Do a Survey When You Have The Time for It

Seasoned survey takers will explain their annoyance at having a survey time out on them. This usually happens if you start a survey but don’t have time to finish it in that sitting. If something comes up and you want to pause what you’re doing, save your progress and continue later, you might not be able to depending on the survey company you are using,. The best thing to do would be to finish the survey in one sitting.

By that same token, a survey company may not pay you or may end the survey quicker if they notice that you are going through answers too quickly.

Pay Attention to the Panels That Pay the Best

When you start taking surveys, you will find that many survey companies will send you a range of different panels. It is a good idea to keep track of which surveys give you the most money for the time you have invested. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to sift through the surveys more efficiently, avoiding the lower paying ones and focusing your time on higher paying surveys.

Keep Your Personal Information Up-to-Date

It is easy to forget to keep your demographic information current. However, you should try to update your profile regularly, at least twice a year. This way survey companies know to send you certain types of panels. If you move house, or make other relevant changes and you don’t update your profile, you might be missing out on dozens of potential surveys. Updating your information can be useful for extra income, while providing you with insights into what matters to your new community.

In addition, many survey companies take notice if you are actively updating your profile, and they may send you more panels.

Work at the Regular Hours

If you truly want to make money from online paid surveys, you’ll need to truly invest the time. Get yourself a separate email address, and do your research on the best online paid survey sites.  Take your work seriously, because there are many companies and small businesses benefiting from your honest and accurate responses.

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