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Questions about Rewards

Whilst we can’t let you know the exact value of a point, please know that our rewards team are continually benchmarking our product to ensure you’ve the best experience possible.
To redeem your points, simply log in to your account and go to Cash Out page. You will find our reward options there. You just need to click on the specific tab to find details on each one of them and make your selection. If you have further questions, please submit a question at the upper right hand section of this page and our Support Team will gladly assist you.
Your Flexi eCards will be emailed to you on the email address you have provided us within 2 working days. Please make sure that you check your spam filter and your safe list. If you have not received your vouchers within the time frames outlined above please let us know by completing the contact form below.
No, once you have placed your order you cannot change your mind. Therefore, please kindly ensure that you double check all relevant details before placing your order.
On the Account section of the website you will be able to see the total number of survey points you have collected.
Your points do not expire. Your points balance will only decrease after you redeemed your points for a reward. However, if you choose to leave the MyOpinions panel, your points will be deleted along with your account. It is recommended that you redeem all remaining points before unsubscribing from the panel. (Go to the 'Account' page to see all your points transactions.)
The points on your account are accumulated when you participate in a survey that carries points. The points are clearly shown in the survey invitation that you participate in. If you believe that you should have more points showing on your account, please forward the survey invitations and/or project number(s) of the survey(s) that you can find in your account's survey history and report them to our helpdesk. We are then able to check your reward history and award you these points, so that you are able to redeem them.

Question about Instant Cash Out

Instant Cash Out is an exciting way to redeem your reward points. With Instant Cash Out, redemption of your points takes minutes, not weeks. You have many options to choose from, and it's simple to do.

With Instant Cash Out, you can use your reward points much faster. Depending on which options you choose, you could get your gift card and be ready to spend in Myer, David Jones or iTunes within a few minutes!

If you have a smartphone, Instant Cash Out allows you to carry your gift cards in your smartphone. Because they are in your phone, you never leave them at home, so they are always with you when are shopping. And they aren't cluttering up your purse or wallet.

However if you don't have a smartphone, that's ok too. You can access your gift cards and vouchers via any computer, and then print out a gift card to take to the store when you need to.

Redeeming MyOpinions points using Instant Cash Out is fast and easy. In order to request a Cash Out, your MyOpinions account must be fully verified.

Choose your Flexi eGift Card value. You can choose $10, $20, or $50, depending on how many points you have.

Confirm your selection and click Redeem. Your Flexi eGift Card will be emailed to you, to the email address that you registered in your MyOpinions account.

Open your Flexi eGift Card, and then choose how you'd like to spend your rewards. There are a variety of gift cards and vouchers from leading shops and brands available. Follow the instructions on the eGift card or voucher to redeem.

Questions about PayPal

Signing up for PayPal is a quick and easy process! Simply go to PayPal's homepage through this link and sign up for free today:

All point redemption transactions will utilise the PayPal account which matches the email address used for your MyOpinions correspondence. If you already have a PayPal account existing under an email address that is different from the one you used when registering with MyOpinions, then you can simply add your MyOpinions email address to your existing account. Click on “Log in” followed by "profile" / "e-mail" / "edit" / "add". *Please note: if the email address under your PayPal account does not match your MyOpinions email address then you may experience difficulties when trying to make a claim. Once you have chosen the email address where you will receive your PayPal payment, you will not be able to change it.

Once you reach the minimum redemption threshold of 2,000 points (equivalent to $20), you are eligible to request payment via PayPal. As soon as you request payment, we begin processing this request. When the funds have been added to your PayPal account, you will receive a notification directly from PayPal. This e-mail will indicate the amount of money that was added to your account, and also provide a transaction ID for future reference.

Your points are turned into cash and can be collected via PayPal, for further information visit PayPal

1. If you don’t have a PayPal account: Go to and click on 'Sign-up'. Be sure to use your MyOpinions member email address when you enter your details. 2. If you have a PayPal account, but with a different email address then please make sure you add your MyOpinions member email address to your existing account. *Please note that if you do not yet have a PayPal account or if your PayPal account is configured to accept every payment manually you will have a maximum of 30 days to accept the payment. After a maximum of 30 days the payment expires and will be returned to MyOpinions.

Questions about American Red Cross

Every month, we donate $10,000 to the American Red Cross in honor of the time you take to share your views.

You don't have to do anything other than continue taking surveys.

By sharing your opinion, you'll be helping people affected by countless crises around the world.
No. This donation is separate to your survey rewards and does not affect your points balance.

This does not constitute a donation on your behalf so is not tax deductible.